How to Insert Tables in a Google Form

Some times we use tables to represent the data in a simplified tabular format, but Google Forms does not support adding tables in the form content. Pretty Forms Designer solves this problem by providing the feature of adding tables within your form content. You can add tables in your questions, section header, or in form header. Please follow these steps.

1. Install the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on from Google Marketplace. And then open the Form Designer.

Open Pretty Forms Designer

2. Create your table in the HTML editor website, or you can create one in the Google Spreadsheet.

Create a table

3. Copy your table using the Edit menu or using Ctrl+C / Cmd+C on mac.

Copy the table

4. Paste in Form Designer - Go to Form Designer, and click on the item where you want to insert the table. Then paste using Ctrl+V or Cmd+V on mac.

Paste the table

Please click the "Save" button to save this form, and check the preview of the currently saved form.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.